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Gary Davis is brought to you by Gary Davis Media, of Austin, Texas. Founded in 1988, GDM has specialized in TV advertising for small business & professionals with particular emphasis on law firms and denture clinics.

As of June, 2015, I am in the process of updating this website. In form, it will be “responsive” so that it works better on tablets and smart phones. Content will be updated to better reflect current conditions.
Can TV Advertising Work for Your Business?

You see other businesses and professional services advertising on TV and you think, "They must be making money or they wouldn't keep doing it! Can I make money advertising on TV?"

Phone Ringing
Well, maybe you can. Many people do. If you have a good offer for TV and a well-crafted commercial placed in the right kind of programming, it can make your phones ring starting the first day you run.  

But everything depends on your offer! If you want immediate phone calls, you must have an offer that is right for what I call "Immediate Response TV". Not everyone does. If you don't, then you may have to depend on longer-term "image" TV advertising or maybe some other kind of advertising altogether. 

Let's define our terms: "Image" or "Brand" advertising is what you see mostly on national TV. The main idea is make you feel good about the product or service. Image commercials are really a kind of propaganda. They are usually more expensive to make and can take a long time to work, if they ever do.

On the other hand, "Immediate Response" advertising attempts to get you to take some buying action right now, such as call the advertiser. Since the small business or professional advertiser usually does not have the time or budget to wait for image ads to work, I specialize in producing immediate response TV commercials for these clients.

So, how about it?
Is television advertising right for you? Can you get quick results from TV? Can you get "Immediate Response"? Here's a  method of "guesstimating" how well and how quickly TV might work for your business.  

Should you try to do it all yourself? Should you be your own writer, producer and director? Should you buy the TV time yourself? You may want to do it. You may have to do it! Here's what you should know before you become your own advertising agent, including some advice about working with television salespeople

Should you hire an ad agent? Do you need one? If so, do you need an "agent" or an "agency"? Find out what an ad agent should do for you and what you should know before you call an ad agency.

For lawyers! TV advertising tips lawyers should know before they put an ad on television.

For denture clinics!  I have found that "immediate response" TV can work dramatically well for this specialized service.

What about radio? Most people think you should start with radio and "work up" to television. But usually it's just the opposite. Why this is so, what kind of results you can expect from radio and other information you should know before you decide to start with the audio only.

My advertising agency, Gary Davis Media, is located in Austin, Texas. In business since 1988, I have specialized in television advertising for small business and professionals.
Here's information about my agency, my approach to advertising, how to get in touch with me and the information you should include if you e-mail questions to me about your business. At this time, I would probably not take on a new client (although there could be an exception) but I am always happy to respond to emails with my best advice and opinions, based on my 30+ years in the TV ad business.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) About Television advertising.